A Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, Marisa Furtado (born in 1963) first met Will Eisner and other major artists of the comics world in 1991, when she worked as the head of International Guest Relations of the first Rio’s International Comic Biannual Convention. At the time she worked as a writer and artist, drawing her own comics, and as a fan wanted to work as close as possible to the artists she admired.

First released in Brazil in 1999, Will Eisner: Profession Cartoonist was a tremendous success with airings in France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland and many other countries. But ironically has never been shown in the United States until now. In 2004 Marisa started to work with Eisner for a new version of the documentary, translating the ballons and dubbing the narration. This new version was shown in America at the San Diego Comic Con. Sadly, Eisner died that year before watching the finished product. Now for the first time, this English version is available for American audiences, distributed by Image Entertainment

It also became the first in a series of documentaries depicting the life and work of other great cartoon artists: Jerry Robinson, Henfil and Ziraldo.

Ziraldo in Profession Cartoonist

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